After successful writing below to each posts coding a related labels is wonderful idea where visitors/readers can get their category wise articles in a single click. They don't even to search again for or switch to other blogs. This type of adding Labels to each below posts increase the page views and rank of Alexa.
You've understood how these lables are playing a important role in keeping your visitor/readers stick to your blogger blog. Here, BlogTariff educated you the hack of spicing up or adding flavors for stylishing lables with brick styles or box style or tags cloud styles to blogger blogs. You no need to work hard, blogtariff presents simple ways to convet your labels to brick style by adding simple CSS code to blogger blog. Let's begin the tutorial for spicing labels with brick style.

How to install "Brick style" code to blogger blog?

Sign into your blogger blog account
Click on "EDIT HTML" (Layout in the new blogger interface)
(Before you do execute this blogger trick better to back up your template, if anything goes wrong you can reuse it again)
Expand the widget by ticking the box "Expand widget Templates"
Now search for code
Now copy the below code and paste above/before to it
#Label1 a{
padding:2px 8px;
margin:0 2px;
background:#eee url( center center repeat-x;
border:1px solid #ddd;
font-size:10px !important;
#Label1 a:hover{
background:none #fff;

After successful adding the above code "Save the template" and preview the blog. How its looks.


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