Several experts and analysts suggests one of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool for adding Meta Tags to blogs or websites. Popular HTML Meta Tags with Description and keywords plays vital role in ranking of blog/website on Google Search engine or other search engines. By default blogger templates you won't find these meta tags code only few advanced blogger templates have Meta tag with description and keywords option. If your template does'nt have this option this tool helps you to maximize your rank position on Google Search Engine results. I developed this tool in association with our partner site  OmliTech Tricks for all needs.

What are the advantages by Adding Meta Tags HTML code to blogger?

BlogTariff has discovered a Tool for Generating Meta tags HTML code for blogger blogs. You don't need to work hard just adding simple code to blogger template makes your page visible better on Search results. According to you blogger subject keywords when visitor/readers searches by typing a tag on Google search keywords plays vital role in listing of your blog to get more visitor/readers to your blog. In this way you can increase more traffic along with unique subscribers to alternatively more money online.

Meta Tag Description:-

Explore your blog in max 150 words. I have added following words for describing my blog/website as given here under,

Blogging,Tricks,Templates,Widgets,blogger,wordpress,SEO,Online,how to know,Free,Money,CSS,HTML,Codes,Java, etc.
Remember:- You have to concentrate there should not be any Repeated words like, blogger,blogger tips,blogger tricks. It must be like,blogger,tips,tricks...etc,. Google Search Engine robots confued and drops your rank if they finds repeated words. Website with different pages the same description applies. Blogs/websites could get penalized for repeating same meta description words. To avoid this i found a code in two slots before and after description so that it may appear robots at home page only.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Your Blog description">

Meta Tag Keywords:-

According to your blog subject or related words should be chosen for targeting a high relavant traffic by describing topic based keywords which covers to all the topics on blogs or pages on websites. Here, the same thing you should follow what you've followed for "Meta Tag Description" method don't repeated words. Choose Genuine keywords which reflects overall content of your blog or else use Google keyword Tool helps you in selecting genuine keywords for your blog/website. There is another way to choose right keywords by hacking competitors site "View page source" what type of relavant keywords they are using for their sites/blogs.
Make separate keywords by adding comas to each word as given here under.
Blogging,Tricks,Templates,Widgets,blogger,wordpress,SEO,Online,how to know,Free,Money,CSS,HTML,Codes,Java, etc.

Meta Tag Author:-

Most of the blogger won't specify their name on because they don't count it as relavant. Blog/website owners adds thier blog name or website name in the area of Meta Author name or else type you nickname or any symbol.

Meta Tag Robot:-

In few cases if you need not crawl robots on Search Engine and index your pages or blogs you can easily direct the robots don't crawl the data by adding "No Follow" tag or "No Index" tag. Google Search Engine loves if you add this tag on your blog or website.

Enjoy the Meta Tag Generator tool




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