Online lots of CSS codes, HTML codes and scripting codes available for adding subscribe now sharing box buttons widget for blogger. But you've to add it manually, if any thing goes wrong your Template may be damaged. BlogTariff and its associate partner site OmilTech had developed exclusively for its readers/visitors to add simple without any hard work.
Adding simple and stylish Share box for blogger blogs can attract readers/visitors subscribe to share links arranged in sequence.
This widget is based on CSS style contains share link buttons like, Facebook Fan page, Google plus, Twitter and RSS for increasing blog subscribers. Let's begin the Tutorial to generate code for adding to blogger blogs.
The below Generator contains four boxes to enter details to generate Share box.
  • In the first box enter facebook url or facebook fan page url
  • In the second box enter Google plus ID
  • In the third box Twitter URL
  • In the fourth box enter Feed burner ID

Perfect Share Box with Subscription Form for Blogger Generator

After successful entering all the related information please check if once before Click on “Generate” Button. If you’ve mistakenly pressed Generate button then Press “Reset”.
After Clicking on Generate button now press the “Add to Blogger” button, it’ll redirects to your blogger account to add it directly on your sidebar.
After successful added Widget to your blogger “Save the Template” that’s it now preview your blog.

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