Using of various kinds techniques on your blogger blog. Attracting readers/visitors with few types of tricks which are available online free of cost and also premium services. Millions of bloggers are using this type of technique on their blogs, i.e changing the cursor image/look with different animated styles creates more fun, attracts readers and eye catching. You don’t need to work hard, here BlogTariff educated you a simple method of installation with effortless HTML code to add on your blogger blog. Let’s begin the tutorial to install the code.

Click above image to view DEMO and watch mage how the Mouse cursor playing, you can add more styles of mouse cursors on your blogger blog.

How to change Original Mouse cursors to Animated on Blogger blog

Sign into your blogger account
Click on “Design (Layout in the new blogger interface)”
Click on “EDIT HTML” and Search for the below code
After finding the code copy the below code and paste above to it
body, a, a:hover {cursor: url( ), progress;}

After successful pasting the above code “Save the template” and preview your blog….How Animated tail playing on your blog..


You can change your own cursors by visit the below sites which are totally free by replace the “Red” color URL code with you chosen source url.
Free Download Cursors online
Totally Free cursors
Cursors @ Fun Utilities
Myspace Cursor


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