Adding widget to blogger is another way to boost Traffic to blogs. Lots of widget available online few are creditable and few dent your blog but selecting worthy widget to increase blog traffic makes sense. Adding unrelated widgets to blog may have chances to drop your rank ratings on search engines. Whenever you choose a widget it must be worthy to increase your blog traffic as well attract the readers/visitors which matches to  your blog content. Most of the newbie bloggers execute these type mistakes by adding unrelated widget to blog. Webmaster always should remember one thing that adding widgets to blog means not to load heavy weight on blog because the Loading time of blog is also essential for bloggers to attract new visitors/readers. Here, BlogTariff presents you top widgets for blogger in helping to increase maximum traffic to blog. Let’s begin the tutorials.

How to Add SEO Widget For Blogger?

  • Previewit: From your blog a link thumbnail live preview pointed out. On the outbound link Thumbnail appears on mouse hover. 
  • Feedjit: It’s a wonderful time widget presents real time traffic information from various regions at side bar of blog.
  • Twitter Badge widget: This widget helps in gaining of more subscribers to your twitter account.
  • Jaxtr: its works with mobile but maintains confidential which allows your blog visitors/readers to call your mobile number.
  • 3Jam: Unknown number message can be sent to your blog visitors/readers.
  • Box Storage Widget:While staying visitors/readers on your blog they can store data on
  • Flixn: By this widget helps you to stream visitors/readers directly from your webcam. 
  • Show my weather: This widget displays daily weather report according to the region based selection stats.
  • Twenty feet: At one stop you can track all the related information about social and analytical stats.
  • Clocklinks: This widget displays time of various regions.
  • Skype: This widget helps in displaying of status of online on Skype.
  • Feedbuzz: This widget displays your blog/website posts as headline to your readers/visitors via RSS feed.
  • Answerbox: This widget is most popular in finding the definitions of a particular word and solutions for users.
  • Polldaddy: To know the readers/visitors views about your blog or question via polls, this widget best for blogger.
  • Disqus: This is an official commenting system widget for blogs.
  • LinkWithin: Most of the webmasters choice widget to display related posts below the blogger posts.
  • Addthis: Visitors/readers can find all the social sharing icons at single stop widget called Addthis widget.
  • Sharethis: This widget helps in grabbing of visitors/readers for webmasters for its special social sharing effective icons on widget.
  • 99Counters: This widget displays complete data of your blog visitors.
  • Livezilla: This is an Live chat widget helps readers/visitors to interacting on your blog.
  • Blinkxlt: Blog related or topic related videos can be embed into blog directly with simple code link.
  • Fibox: This widget helps to readers/visitors to leave a messages on widget displayed like shoutbox widget.


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