Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Rediff, always are pleased about backlinks. Creating Backlinks on other blogs/websites in high quantity will be lucrative your blog/website. Most of the webmasters dream about by increase their traffic to get good quality of visitors/readers for their blogs. Here, BlogTariff is going to educate you how to pagerank your blog/website in better rank and creating quality of backlinks to avoid penalization from search engines. Spamming backlinks will be considered as serious issue and chances may be increased for banning of blogs on search engines.

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By commenting on blog/websites increase your blog/website Traffic

Comments on other blog/websties plays vital role in increasing your integrity and improves visibility of your blog on search engines. If you write a quality of comments spam free on other blogs converts pagerank of your blog by means of backlink. Quality of comments with spam free on Top most blogs/websites always be acceptable and chances will be more in getting recognition from the readers and visitors. This is the most effective method to spot back link to your blog. By leaving comments grabs visitors/readers attention to interact with you and discuss about related topics brings you unique traffic towards to you r blog.

Avoid things while commenting on blog/websites

  • Describe short and positive appraise of the blog exacting. Maintain Quality in your comments.
  • Try to avoid inserting URL or links on directly on the body of comments this may lead a blog/website owner consider as spam. Even if you won’t insert direct links on blog can also get a standard Linck back to your blog.
  • Chances are more to those comments by using of indecent language via comments this will be treated as spam. Using of Regional language comments not be acceptable for search engines to rank blogs and blog owners may not like this type of unrecognizable language comments.
  • Do maintain words count from 15 to 20 per comment. Don’t go for long comments this type of comments won’t make any difference for getting backlink to blogs. Use simple appreciation words eg. “I like your post” or “Nice information, thanks” Thanks for posting this article” to avoid deletion of your comments on webmaster comments moderation.
  • Don’t use abuse language or critics about blogs, No webmaster likes this type of comments where damaging their blog reputation immediately comments will be deleted.
  • Appreciate about blogs and boost webmaster confidence giving suggestions in improving their blogging Quality.
  • Way to interact with webmasters via appreciation comments makes your blog backlink regularly in increasing pagerank on search engines and dragging attention in grabbing of readers/visitors from those websites.
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