On the foundation of Traffic of your blog makes your huge money online. Simple method of optimization tips makes you to gain more traffic online and attract readers to your blog. Success won’t come immediately when ever you try on try on, whether it is daily or twice a day. It means posting of articles on your blog regularly boost your traffic online and your blog will be indexed in number one position in the Google search engine.
Here BlogTariff explains you detailed how to generate traffic online. I see my co partner of blogger online OmliTech posts daily 5 to 10 posts daily about all the related topics covers internet tips, computing tips, useful websites and more. These type of trick made that blog huge traffic from all over the world. OmliTech won’t advertise on any blog nor invest money on generating traffic. So, I decided to share that trick about how OmliTech improved a wonderful traffic online. Generating traffic not simply maintaining a blog Actual or Real earning is “Concentrate on writing more and more on blog instead of earning”. This I have learn't from OmliTech.
When we close watch how the Techcrunch and Mashable improved and emerged one of the successful sites online. They posts number of posts every after 3 to 5 hours. Not only this a good planning and good articles which are more beneficial to the readers and encourage the visitor. After all these brings you good readers and good traffic online.
My personnel experience is learn more and more when you become an expert and after that. Checking daily Google analytical report where the visitors are coming from, according to that post of article is required.

What are the Top advantages for Posting Regularly?

  • Depending upon the blog updation Robots visits blogs
  • Search engines always Love those blogs who updates regularly
  • Search engines always search for good content which are unique and are best
  • Encyclopedia for Google finds innovative topics by updating more and more
  • Posting frequency makes you robots run more faster
  • By posting more more and more the visitor or readers of your blog will always be active and they visit regulary.
  • Selection of topic and posting of good article with good understanding makes readers to attract more.
  • Linking with blogger blogs to Facebook and Twitter updation automatically the promotion on the social sites also makes you more traffic.

How to decide posting regularity for your blog

Setting a goal for growing traffic on your mind makes you successful blogger
Speedy Traffic: Post as more as more posts on your blog in day for several times as per your tolerance with minimum of 3 to 5 times a day.
Stable Traffic: Daily one post per day
Minimum Traffic: Publish posts twice a day or week.

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  2. Thank you anyway.. Im a newie,. blogging about my personal life! :)

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